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Terms & Conditions of booking
The hirer of the mobility scooter / wheelchair do so at their own risk. Mobility Scooters Blackpool Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable for any incident, accident or injury that occurs as a result of using the scooter / wheelchair.

1: If you are not confident in using the scooter / wheelchair after training, do not attempt to use it.
2: Mobility Scooters / Wheelchairs can only be used by the hirer.
3: To operate the mobility scooters safely, the user must have full use of both hands and no vision impairment (which cannot be treated by glasses or contact lenses) and a full understanding of the controls.
4: Mobility Scooters Blackpool Ltd reserve the right to refuse a scooter if they believe the user is not able  to safely control the scooter. 
5: To hire a scooter, a one week hire refundable deposit is required along with a valid form of I.D.
6: If the scooter / wheelchair is not returned in the same condition it was when it was hired, the hirer will lose the deposit and further action may be taken to recover costs incurred. Ensure you have checked for damage on the scooter before you hire.
7: The scooter / wheelchair is for use by the person taking out the hire only. They must not allow others to use or carry any child / person anywhere on the scooter / wheelchair with them. 
8: The scooter must not be operated under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 


DO ensure the scooter is switched off at the key when getting off the scooter. 
DO let go of the lever on the steering tiller if you get any difficulties.
DO Ensure the seat is in the locked position when getting on or off the scooter, before putting weight on the armrests. 
DO keep both hands on the steering tiller when moving. 

DON'T use the scooter if you are unsure of your competency to use it safely. 
DON'T use the scooter if you have taken drugs or alcohol. 
DON'T allow others to use the scooter, ride on the scooter with you or sit in the basket.
DON'T hold onto the steering tiller when getting on or off the scooter.
DON'T allow another to handle the steering tiller when you are in motion.
DON'T go faster than walking speed when moving around. 


As taken from the Blackpool Transport website:

Devices used to support disability (i.e. Electric mobility scooters) are permitted to travel on our buses and trams.
Entirely at our own discretion, we agree to carry mobility scooters in our designated wheelchair spaces. We will only accept class 2 scooters that are no more than 600mm wide and 1000mm long with a turning radius not exceeding 1200mm. Where there is some doubt as to the compatibility of a mobility scooter, we will arrange to assess the Mobility Scooter and determine whether it complies. If it complies, we will provide a pass for the user to carry with them to avoid any dispute.

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